Numeracy & Mathematics


Early Number

Children use early math skills throughout their daily routines and activities. Find out more about how children develop these skills by clicking on the links below...

Early Maths skills

Subitising - what is it?

Problem Solving

Where possible we put maths problems in a real life context. We teach pupils how to read and understand these worded problems and then how to decide which of their mathematical skills to apply in finding a solution. 

Daily Rigour Problems & Solutions

Mental Maths

Mental math refers to the practice of doing calculations in your head. It is often used as a way to calculate and estimate quickly through the use of math facts that have been committed to memory, such as multiplication, division, or doubles facts.

Hit the button game

Written strategies

These videos demonstrate how pupils are taught to layout and complete written calculations.

Digital Technologies

Pupils have access to a range of online games and programmes which allow them to practice their numeracy and maths skills.


Sumdog is an online learning service used by millions of children worldwide. It adapts to each individual, using engaging game-based learning to motivate and build confidence in numeracy and maths.  All pupils have their own login details.  See below for further information...

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