Parents joined their children for a Science Workshops looking at experiments and investigations that can be turned into homework tasks.

Our 'Meet the teacher' event allowed parents the opportunity to meet their child's new teacher and discuss classroom routine, homework and pupil expectations at their age and stage.

Tiered Vocabulary/Focus Words

Each term, our nursery rooms and primary classes will send home a list of new and familiar vocabulary that children may encounter in their topics.  These lists have been recorded as audio files to assist families in supporting their child's learning.

Vocabulary has been organised into three tiers. However there is nothing to stop pupils learning vocabulary from any of the three tiers.

Tier 1 (P1-3)

Tier 2 (P3-5)

Tier 3 (P5-7)

Primary - Island Explorers topic (3 tiers)

Nursery GM 1-3 room

Nursery EM 1-3 room (BSL)

Nursery EM 3-5 room

Nursery GM 3-5 room