Our School


 At Sgoil Bhaile a' Mhanaich our agreed vision statement is:

“Believe, Respect, Create, Achieve”


“We aim to be a learning organisation capable of continuous improvement – renowned for providing high quality learning experiences in an inclusive environment, where pupils are supported to achieve their potential.”

The values and aims which underpin this vision, and against which we shall evaluate our performance, are:


 To develop in children the capacity to reach their full potential, providing quality learning experiences that will be challenging and motivating.

 To instil in each other self-confidence and a belief in our ability to learn creatively to influence and make a difference in our communities and the wider world.


 To nurture our ability to show respect for ourselves, each other and the world around us.

 To promote a whole school rights-respecting ethos, with an emphasis on honesty, trust, responsibility and fairness.


 Through our rich island culture continually promote the Gaelic language in all aspects of the school, developing our knowledge and awareness and sense of community.

 To cherish links with our parents and partners, including international partners, and value diversity with consideration for our community, locally and globally.


 To promote a happy, safe and secure environment where our learners are actively supported to lead a healthy lifestyle through the promotion of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

To enrich a commitment to life-long learning empowering all pupils and staff with confidence, drive and ambition to reach their potential.


Stages of Education provided for:

Sgoil Àraich (Nursery) – from 12 months to pre-school            

Primary School - 4.5 years to approx. 12 years (P1-P7)

Present Roll 50 children approx. (Nursery), 114 pupils (Primary School)

Gaelic Medium provision is available from 12 months to P7


Organisation of the School Day

Start Time: 09:00

Morning Break: 10:30-10:50

Lunch Time: 12:30- 13:30

Finish Time: 15:25