English as an Additional Language (EAL)


The following websites can be used to help develop understanding of English


British Council language resources

Games to Learn English

Fun English Games



Supporting EAL children in nursery and school



Teddy Talk is intended for children in the early stages of English language acquisition. It has proven results for quickly developing core vocabulary and self-confidence. EAL children in the ‘silent period’ will often start to speak after Teddy Talk sessions.

Sessions take about 15-20 minutes, and each session is built around a repeated, predictable framework that includes:

  1. Rules of good sitting, listening and looking
  2. A Hello Song and greeting
  3. Some games
  4. A Story
  5. A Goodbye song and farewell



big bear
Big Bear Banter is a series of activities for pupils in P1 to P3  who are new to English. They include flashcard activities, story activities and using songs and rhymes.