School Improvement Projects


From our self-evaluation, we have identified the need to develop the following aspects to improve the learning experiences of all pupils:


Project 1: Refreshing the Uist Primaries’ Curriculum – Religious and Moral Education as the key driver

What we want to do:

  • improve all stakeholders engagement and understanding of the RME curriculum
  • refresh our RME curriculum to include opportunities to learn about Christianity, Other World Religions, whilst embedding our School Values and UNCRC messages

Parent Survey results

Pupil Survey results


Project 2: Review Transition arrangements across the school and nursery to raise attainment in numeracy and maths

 What we want to do:

  • improve transition arrangements for all learners   
  • develop mathematical reasoning skills which will lead to raised attainment in numeracy/maths  
  • moderate learning and teaching in numeracy/maths to ensure a consistent approach from nursery to secondary 


Project 3: Slighe gu Gaidhlig – Pathway to Gaelic

What we want to do:

  • develop a GME pathway for children and parents to support the progression of language acquisition

  • develop an Early Level learning environment which incorporates a play-based approach to learning for Pre-school and P1 pupils.