Health & Wellbeing



‘Buddies’ is a well-established system used in Sgoil Bhaile a' Mhanaich.  Pupils in P1-3 meet with a ‘buddy’ from the upper stage classes for 1 hour a week and become friends.  The buddying system encourages younger children to use their ‘buddy’ as a source of support and information both in school and out in the playground.  Pupils take part in a range of activities during ‘Buddy’ time including paired reading, active play, art & craft, board games etc.  In the Gaelic class, pupils converse in Gaelic therefore strengthening the use of the language in a natural and informal way.


Celebrating Achievements

Every Friday the whole school comes together to celebrate pupil achievements.  Certificates are awarded to a Sgoillear na Seachdain (Pupil of the week) and Rionnag na Gaelic (Gaelic Star) in each class.