Nursery Classes

Nursery Accommodation

The nursery has 4 main play rooms and the 1-3 rooms share a dedicated sleep room. There is a kitchen, toilet and changing facilities as well as an outdoor garden/play area.  The nursery has access to all of the school facilities and regularly use the library and games hall.


Tunnagan beaga with G3-5

Rhyme time with E3-5

Mud, mud glorious mud....look at our children enjoying their new mud kitchen





Some other exciting learning experiences that have taken place this year...

Who you’ll find in our rooms…

Gaelic 1-3 Children 1 to 3 years and wrap around care.

English 1-3 Children 1 to 3 years and wrap around care.

Gaelic 3-5  Children 3 years to school age, funded pre-school hours and wrap around care.

English 3-5 Children 3 years to school age funded pre-school hours.

Our children enjoying their outdoor learning experiences with Isi Oakley



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Parent corner

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Play Talk Read


Simple makaton signs