Nursery Classes

Nursery Accommodation

The nursery has 4 main play rooms and the 1-3 rooms share a dedicated sleep room. There is a kitchen, toilet and changing facilities as well as an outdoor garden/play area.  The nursery has access to all of the school facilities and regularly use the library and games hall.


Mud, mud glorious mud....look at our children enjoying their new mud kitchen





Some other exciting learning experiences that have taken place this year...

Who you’ll find in our rooms…

Gaelic 1-3 (with Audrey and Chrissie) Children 1 to 3 years and wrap around care.

English 1-3 (with Kirsty, Jacqui and Chirsty-Anne) Children 1 to 3 years and wrap around care.

Gaelic 3-5 (with Mary, Chrissie and Kayleigh) Children 3 years to school age, funded pre-school hours and wrap around care.

English 3-5 (with Kayleigh, Liza and Maureen) Children 3 years to school age funded pre-school hours.


 We also have two childcare apprentices Sarah and Michelle.


Our children enjoying their outdoor learning experiences with Isi Oakley



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Parent corner

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